Sanni Prasad

Sanni Prasad

Mobile App Developer

👋 Hi , Good Day !

With 5+ years of experience in mobile application development using Flutter and Android, I thrive to contribute and evolve as an efficient engineer and team player.

  1. Project: Flutter Cleaner

    • Help users to clean their flutter project by bulk cleaning project on their computer.

  2. Senior Software Engineer at HDFC Securities, Bangalore, IN

    • Building HDFC sky app

  3. Software Engineer at PhonePe, Bangalore, IN

    • As part of the Insurance Growth team, I redesigned the Insurance page in the PhonePe Android app to reduce friction for users resulting in up to 10% increase in discovery of insurance categories.

    • Worked on various minor tweeks on HomePage and Insurance Pages which helped increase the conversion in motor insurance category by 25%

  4. ZestMoney, Bangalore, IN

    • Led the development of Billpay feature with Flutter.

    • Built flutter plugins for feature parity with existing native apps.

    • Built Flutter plugins using add-to-app

    • Delivered a fraud avoidance feature in native android app using kotlin. Giving users an option to approve/decline transactions in their account.

    • Integrated multiple Flutter feature modules into Android nativå

  5. Aubergine Solutions, Ahmedabad, IN

    • Work with our clients to gather and estimate requirements.

    • Suggest and implement architectures that fulfill project needs.

    • Deliver beta and public releases with CD pipelines and Firebase distribution

    • Built Player Profile app (Flutter) that helps rugby teams manage themselves, play matches, get coach feedback, get sponsorships

  6. Salient Apps, Ahmedabad, IN

    • Work in the team of Clubbable app that use advanced architecture techniques like MVVM, DI, CI/ CD, Unit Testing and features like Stripe payment, shared business logic, etc.

    • Collaborate with teams that are spread all over the world by using tools like Jira and Azure DevOps